Welcoming a representative from Global Mark to work on quality management in Assisted Reproduction

Wednesday - 22/01/2020 02:25
On 13-14 January 2020 Phuong Chi General Hospital welcomed Ms Donna Close to work with IVF MD Binh Duong

The Reproductive Technology Accreditation Committee (RTAC) is a subcommittee of the Board of the Fertility Society of Australia and reports directly to that Board. It is charged with the responsibility of setting standards for the performance of ART through an audited Code of Practice and the granting of licences to practice ART within Australia. It further licences an International Version of the Code of Practice for the use by Certifying Bodies in countries outside Australia and New Zealand.

Underlying Principles

Fundamental to the delivery of ART services is that patients and their offspring remain the most important consideration in all decisions. Organisations aspire to deliver services in a manner that recognises patients’ cultural and individual values and beliefs, upholds their dignity and privacy, and acknowledges the rights of children born through ART to know their genetic origins and health outcomes.


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